Catholic Church

Join Our Parish!

While everyone is welcome to visit St. Benedict anytime, we encourage Catholics to officially register as parishioners. It's a good idea for many reasons, for instance:

  • For weddings
  • For Baptisms
  • For Sponsor or Godparent certificates
  • For tuition discounts for parochial schools
  • For use of our various facilities & services

To register, use the Parish Registration form here.

Becoming an Active Member of St. Benedict

You become what we call an 'Active Member' of our parish when you have attended Mass and regularly supported the parish for at least three months.

How Can I Help Serve St. Benedict Parish?

We're glad you asked! Go to the "Serving the Parish" menu under the Parish Life tab for ways you can help.

Please note: the USCCB specifies that all adult members who have contact with youth or vulnerable adults in any parish-related activity are required to have all diocesan safety and background certifications. For more information, go here