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Director of Youth Ministry
Anne Welsh
Elizabeth Smith
MaryAnn Raisman
Karly Fitch
Jake Fitch
Ryan Kasperbauer
Challenging young Catholics to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and 
embrace the life of the Church with their whole heart, while encouraging 
the importance of prayer and a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Youth Ministry serves the youth of our Parish by creating a community that the youth want to be a part of, a safe place they can come and not only build friendships, but especially build their relationship with God.  As a youth ministry team, we share our love for Christ with the youth and interact with each of them while building relational ministry.
The Middle School (EDGE) Youth Group meets on Friday from 5-7pm
The High School (LIFETEEN) Youth Group meets on Sunday from 5-7pm
Our Youth Ministry has a Core Team that assists with both middle school and high school life nights.  They can choose to serve with either Middle School, High School or both youth groups.  The Core Team simply share their faith and their love for God with the youth while leading them closer to Christ.  To work with the youth, you will need to pick up a Safe Haven packet from the church office.


 Permission forms:

2022-2023 Youth Ministry Registration form


Is God calling you to serve the youth?

We are always looking for adults to assist with our youth ministry program, be it through our Core team, special event volunteers, or to cook dinner for the teens for youth nights. If you'd like to apply to work for the youth of our parish as part of the Core team, please fill out an application or contact Anne Welsh for more information.

Join our Support Team!

If you can't commit to weekly meetings with the teens, we'd love to have you on our support team! Support team members help provide weekly dinners for our middle and high school youth nights, volunteer at special events, and keep the youth of the parish in their prayers. To sign up or for more information about upcoming special events., contact Anne 


Anne Welsh, Youth Minister