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We should have your child’s Baptism and Communion records in our file. If not, we need to receive them when you register. For registration forms, click the link below or see the Information Wall outside the parish office.

Confirmation Registration Form

Confirmation Letter

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General Information

Candidates will attend a Confirmation Retreat. The Confirmation Retreat is TBD

Rehearsal for Confirmation is TBD

Confirmation is TBD

It is most important that the students attend all classes and the retreat. In today’s world, it is crucial that we do all we can to equip our youth with the tools they need in order to face the moral, social, political and religious issues of our day and in the future. Their readiness for the Sacrament is based not only on knowledge, but also on the solid foundation of Faith. It is expected, therefore, that they willingly practice their Faith and celebrate it by their active participation at Mass each week. Confirmation is an important step in the moral development and faith journey of our youth. It is a proclamation that they are ready to personally affirm their Baptismal commitment and are willing to continue along the path of faith with the Church. Please discuss with your child that this is not something to be entered into lightly, rather that they should come with open hearts, freely willing to continue the journey they have begun.

The registration form, commitment letter and fee schedule can be found below.

Confirmation Policies

  1. Students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation are required to have three years of active participation in the religious education program. (grades 6-7-8).
  2. A process of discernment will take place during the Spring of 8th grade to determine the candidate’s readiness and commitment to the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation.
  3. The sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in 9th grade. 
    Students will attend weekly sacrament preparation classes and a retreat prior to the celebration of Confirmation. 
    They will also complete 20 hours of community service.

Our general Religious Education Policies can be found here.

Fee Schedule

The registration fee for Confirmation includes:

  • Registration - $20.00
  • Book Fees - $15.00
  • Retreat Fee - $25.00
  • Sacrament Prep Fee – $30.00

The total Confirmation fee as shown is $90.00.