Staff Member: Kevin Gore

Kevin Gore

Youth Ministry Director

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Kevin Gore is a former student for the priesthood who is happy to continue serving the Lord and others as Youth Minister here at St. Benedict's

Kevin was born in Kentucky in 1989. He attended a private boarding school in New Hampshire dedicated to the preparation of young men considering the priesthood. Following his graduation from High School in three years, at age seventeen Kevin entered the Legion of Christ, a religious order of missionary priests dedicated to the formation of lay Catholic apostles, and so began his own preparation for the priesthood. He earned his undergraduate degree in Classical Humanities at the Legion of Christ College in Cheshire, Connecticut, and then completed his philosophy degree and studied theology at the Pontifical Atheneum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy, while he worked part-time in the Legion of Christ's Headquarters. His four years abroad have proved culturally enriching, not only providing him with fluency in English, Spanish, and Italian, but also allowing him to live with, work alongside, and understand people from all over the world.

Kevin's preparation for the priesthood included a heavy emphasis on hands-on service and outreach, including a four year internship period. His first year of internship was spent in northern Italy, where he served as mentor and teacher of young people in the context of boarding school, parish life, youth camps, and various trips and pilgrimages. His following three years were spent just north of Detroit, where his primary roles included mentor of middle school and high school students at the private Catholic school Everest Collegiate and mentor of international boarding students from Latin America and Asia. He also organized tournaments and local events and accompanied students to national youth events, as well as local and international humanitarian missions, including Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In that three year time period, Kevin also founded and directed Camp Mountaineer in Clarkston, Michigan, an eight day summer camp for junior high and high school boys, which was selected for the Best of Clarkston Award all three years and twice inducted into the Clarkston Small Business Hall of Fame.

After many years of preparation, Kevin recently discovered that his path is not priesthood, but leaves the Legion of Christ filled with gratitude for the education, opportunities, and spirituality that she has offered over his eleven years of seminary life. Kevin has recently moved to Charleston and looks forward to continuing to serve young men and women, and so continue to serve the Lord, as youth minister at St. Benedict's Parish.