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Contact:  April Johnston    843-995-1259

Mission:  Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church with their whole heart.

Role in Heart to Pray:  A goal of youth ministry is to help youth understand that prayer is not something to be separated from the other parts of their life, it should be an integral part of everything to do.  Examples of how this is done:

*every gathering begins and ends with prayer  *prayer wall for members to ask the entire group for prayers  *youth attend retreats held on and off campus  *Adoration  *discussion and lessons on prayer

Role in Heart to Serve:  Here at St. Benedict a main focus of youth ministry is on serving others as Jesus commands us to do.  At least once a month youth holds an organized service event.  Examples:  * building shelves for the St. Benedict library  *St. Benedict clean up day (outside and scrubbed all tables and chairs in the building)  *babysit for members of the Mom's Group every month during their meeting  *help make repairs to learn facilities (the offer therapeutic horse riding for disabled individuals)  *organized sheds and visited with the boys at Windwood Farms  *discussion/lessons on social justice

Role in Heart to Share:  A goal of youth ministry is to teach youth how important it is to share the many blessings God has given to them.  Opportunities to share their time, talents and treasure are offered to help them understand that each of these are important.  Examples of sharing:  *collecting blankets, clothes, and food for local shelters  *organized St. Benedict Angel Tree (Christmas)  *participated in Souper Bowl for caring and collected funds for ECCO  *discussion/lessons on social justice.

Role in Heart to Witness:  A goal of youth ministry is to equip youth with the knowledge and confidence to be witnesses for Christ to everyone they encounter.  Youth must understand it is not enough to say that they are Catholic, they must live a life that shows others what they believe.  Examples of witness:  *walking in the local and national March for Lif  *Youth are encouraged to bring others to all of the events held by youth ministry *  discussion/lessons on teaching of the Church and apologetics.



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