Welcome New Members and Guests

  You are God’s gift to our community


Whether you have recently registered as a parishioner, are looking to join St. Benedict, or are visiting from out of town, you are most welcome. If you have been away from the Church, welcome home!

As a parish, we are blessed because the number of parishioners and ministries continue to grow. Praise God! 

If you are interested in more information about our "alive with faith" community, we hope this website provides you with good insight as to the kind of “Eucharistic, compassionate, and serving parish” it is. As Catholics on a journey together, we welcome all people with diverse backgrounds as we learn how to be Christ for each other in our daily lives. 

New parishioners will be invited to a quarterly reception to meet fellow parishioners.



We, the parishioners of St. Benedict Parish, are a Catholic community under the patronage of St. Benedict.  We strive to be Christ to all, welcoming people of every age and background. As an expanding, Eucharistic parish, we remain open to the direction of the Holy Spirit, committing ourselves through faith, hospitality, prayer, stewardship, charity and Christian formation to share Godʹs love. We honor our Catholic tradition to advance the mission and ministry of Christ in the world serving others as He did.