Children's Liturgy


Contact:  Sue Kidder    843-216-0039    

       Or     Dominique Lopez  843-216-0039


Mission:  To provide Liturgy of the Word at the children’s level.  Children’s Liturgy is for children older than 4 years of age, but younger than 7.  This is an opportunity for children to hear and understand the Gospel at their level.  They will learn their prayers and have the opportunity to begin to understand the Mass and Gospel.  Our children have also sponsored 10 under privileged kids in our Charleston schools.  They will prepare a brown paper bag stuffed with snacks and easy meals for them to take home with them on Fridays.  We believe we are never too young to participate in our journey of With All Your Heart.

Role in Heart to Pray:  Our children learn how to do the sign of the cross and their basic prayers  (Our Father, Hail Mary…)  They hear the Gospel at their level and have a lesson on the readings and Gospel for that Sunday.  They will also pray for the children they have sponsored through their “Angels Feeding Angels” program.

Role in Heart to Serve:  Once a month our children will serve their sponsored children by preparing a bag of food items for those children to take home on Friday afternoons so that they may have some source of nutrition over the weekend.

Role in Heart to Share:  Our children will go to the grocery store with their parents and choose snacks and individual meals (soup, ramen noodles, chef Boyardee) which they will share with those sponsored children.

Role in Hear to Witness:  Although our children may not meet their “angels” they will witness to them as those children will know that someone cares enough about them to share of their time and treasure so that they do not go home hungry on the weekends.